Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Dream Bike

This is my new bike. Well i was going to tinker with it then sell it, but i love it. I already have a bike but its pink and doesn't go with my outfit for the up-coming tweed run. So after adjusting the seat on this one and realizing i can reach the pedals, i'm keeping it. Needed some cleaning so i spent the day cleaning it instead of job hunting. Day well spent.

It was covered in oil and some of the chrome was a bit rusty. Bit of elbow grease and it came up a treat.

Bit of internet searching told me you could find out the date the bike was made by looking a number on the hub. Cleaned all the shit off and found out it was made in 1974.


the woiwod said...

Nice bike action. Approved.

Simon Peplow / Graphic Artist said...

FUCK YEAH, need to find Bea a steed like this instead of her shit mountain bike with the fanny slant. Good work Benson. Sack jobs right off, they're over rated and underpaid. x