Thursday, 20 November 2008

next fun

I seem to be doing anything to avoid been on a computer. These are details of something I'm making as a Christmas present.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Alan the squirrel

My brother had a pet squirrel. his pal found it on the way to his house. They decided to keep him and named him Alan. Alan died. Probably because he was retarded, prone to fits, had a broken leg and a bit blind. I've done him a papercut of a squirrel.

new best hobby

Its my Step-sisters 18th birthday soon and i wanted to make her a card. I decided to try my hand at papercuts. This is my first attempt.

Roxy Disco

I like the Roxy Disco in Sheffield. Not the actual disco but the shitty building and sign. Its been turned into a Carling academy so i decided to make my self a commemorative cushion. here it is in progress.


As everyone knows i like to crochet batternburgs. My pal Holly asked if i would make a draft excluder one for her sister. I stupidly said yes. It was the most epic task.

i made a birthday cake

Going through the picture in my phone i came across this one of the birthday cake i made my brother. Nice

building something out of nothing

Well not exactly nothing, but something that doesn't cost, pallets. We needed a shed for down the allotment but they cost shit loads and look flimsy, so we decided to make our own out of pallets. We began to start stockpiling pallets, and with no plans began to build.First lay a base of sand.

Sand was one of the few things we bought. We had to use sand as we'd burried shit loads of glass that we'd found under this spot. Next lay foundations, which is a couple of pallets, surprisinglyNext step start putting sides on. To do this we had to break loads of pallets down so we could use the long bits as the supports. remember we're making this up as we go along

At this point we decided to make one side higher than the other so water would drain off the roof.
Bought some feather edge for the outside so that it would be water prrof. spent about £40 on this. Next start putting supports for the roof on.

Done. We've got a door on but i dont have a picture of that.